Services that rise 13.12% due to inflation: prepare your pocket – Sectors – Economy

One of the most anticipated data with the beginning of 2023 was last year’s inflation, since with this figure revealed by the Dane the data will be updated. prices of various products and services that are provided in the country.

One of the most important increases is related to tolls. Now that it was known that inflation was 13.12 percent, Invías is preparing a resolution through which the new rates for the 30 tolls that its cargo has in the national territory will be announced.

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Likewise, the costs of some services of the Single National Transport Registry will rise (Dwarf) such as the transfer of ownership, the technical-mechanical review and the issuance or renewal of the driving license. In addition to the rates for cranes and yards, cadastral appraisalstuition fees from schools or notarial and registry services, among others.

Another of those that will hit the pocket of Colombians the most will be the rentwhich may increase up to 13.12 percent, which was the variation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) throughout 2022. The rental market moves 27.12 trillion pesos a year and most of the homes in rent are concentrated in strata 1, 2 and 3.

The increase in the canon affects not only the families that live in rent but also the owners of the houses that 85 percent belong to strata 1, 2 and 3

For example, if a person pays one million pesos for the rental of their home and used the contract on June 1 of last year, the increase from this same date in 2023 will be 131,200 pesos, therefore, they will have to pay monthly 1,131,200 pesos. For this increase to begin to apply, the owner of the property must notify the person by an official means agreed between the parties.

«More than 34 percent of homes in the country are rented. The increase in the canon affects not only the families that live on rent, but also the owners of the houses that 85 percent belong to strata 1, 2 and 3 and, in the absence of a pension or other additional income, earn their sustenance from said rents”, assured Karina Reyes, president of Fedelonjas.

The guild also recorded that rents are not automatically increased in Januarybut when the contract completes 12 months of commitment or from the last renewal or extension.

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It is also important to remember that this readjustment does not apply to housing contracts signed before July 10, 2003 or in the event of rental of real estate for commercial use. In uses such as premises, warehouses, medical offices, offices and those other than housing, both the value and the increase amount will be agreed between the parties or according to what was consigned in the lease contract.

In order not to affect the purchasing power of Colombians with this cascade of upcoming increases, the National Government will seek to de-index these increases from the annual inflation data.

This will be done through the law of National Development Plan in which there will be a modification that allows to separate the increases of various goods and services that are tied to inflation. The idea is to create a measure that is closer to core inflation.