Season 2 of ‘Wednesday’ renewed on Netflix: what we know so far

After becoming one of Netflix’s most successful shows of all time, we now have confirmation that Wednesday is, in fact, returning for a second season, and that it will be on Netflix despite the reports. Here’s everything we know so far about season 2 of Wednesday.

Wednesday it was one of the most anticipated Netflix shows of 2022. Helped by the fact that Tim Burton, who made his television directorial debut on Wednesday, joined the project as a producer and director. Not to mention, once Netflix revealed the first look at Jenna Ortega dressed up as the iconic Wednesday Addams, it only made fans that much more excited.

Wednesday Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed January 6, 2023
Our renewal prediction: Certain Renewal

Wednesday has exceeded all expectations and is proving to be one of Netflix’s most successful originals in its history, let alone in 2022 alone.

There were some conflicting reports that MGM Television might be moving the show to Prime Video, but they were ultimately unfounded and debunked.

On January 6, Netflix confirmed that the show would return for a second season.

At the time, however, it had been a dirty secret that the show had been revamped, with a supposedly open writers’ room and numerous teases over the Christmas period.

“It’s been amazing to create a show that has connected with people all over the world,” said Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the series’ two showrunners.

“Delighted to continue Wednesday’s tortuous journey into season two. We can’t wait to dive headfirst into another season and explore the wacky and spooky world of Nevermore. I just need to make sure Wednesday didn’t empty the pool first.

How is Wednesday behaving on Netflix?

It’s been a monster hit with just being the third biggest Netflix hit of all time with Strange things season 4 and squid game forward (although if you use CVE metrics, Wednesday it’s actually the second).

Here’s how their audience breaks down week by week:

week period Hours seen (M) Range Week in the Top 10
November 20, 2022 to November 27, 2022 341,230,000 one one
November 27, 2022 to December 4, 2022 411,290,000 (+21%) one 2
December 4, 2022 to December 11, 2022 269,670,000 (-34%) one 3
December 11, 2022 to December 18, 2022 173,960,000 (-35%) one 4
December 18, 2022 to December 25, 2022 118,540,000 (-32%) one 5
December 25, 2022 to January 1, 2023 103,960,000 (-12%) one 6

According to Netflix, these are some of the other records the show managed to break:

“The series broke the record for the most hours watched in a week for an English-language TV series on Netflix, not once, but twice, when it debuted at #1 with a record 341.23 million hours. views, and again in its second week with a staggering 411.29 million hours viewed.

To date, Wednesday has had six consecutive weeks with over 100 million hours watched on the English TV chart – another record!

On TikTok, #WednesdayAddams has amassed over 22 billion views.

Wednesday’s soundtrack reached No. 1 on the iTunes Soundtracks chart, where it stayed in the Top 10 for three weeks. Wednesday Addams, the artist, now has over 1 million followers on Spotify.

On Spotify, The Cramps’ «Goo Goo Muck» saw a streaming increase of over 9.5K% compared to the month before the series launched.

Wednesday’s iconic dance scene has gone massively viral on global social media. Fan-generated content using Lady Gaga’s «Bloody Mary» led to a more than 1,800% increase in streams for the song on Spotify compared to the month prior to the series’ launch. Even Lady Gaga joined in on the fun.

With over 80 million views and counting, fans can’t get enough of the cast’s reaction to the iconic dance scene video.»

what to expect from Wednesday season 2?

Who is the Wednesday stalker?

Immediately after turning on the phone Xavier had purchased her, Wednesday received some ominous messages as she gleefully realized she had acquired her first stalker.

We already know that Wednesday had a limited online presence, thanks to his negative stance towards social media. But considering that Xavier is the one who gave her a new phone, it’s impressive that a stalker was able to message her already. But thanks to his shenanigans, it’s no wonder Wednesday garnered a lot of attention.

wednesday season 2 netflix wednesday xavier

Xavier hopes to be more than just a friend on Wednesday of next season – image. Netflix

What will Tyler do next?

We last saw Tyler, chained up, being transported to what would have been a maximum security prison or psychiatric ward. However, before the transport could make its journey, Tyler transformed into his Hyde form, leading the audience to assume that he had killed all of the armed guards.

With Tyler on the loose and his master gone, will he be any more dangerous? Or will he try to redeem himself so he can return to Jehrico?

wednesday season 2 netflix wednesday tyler

Will Tyler wreak havoc on the Nevermore students again? – Photography. Netflix

Who will be the next director of Nevermore?

With the death of Larissa Weems, Nevermore Academy has been left without a principal. There is also an extremely limited pool of candidates who could take the job. The most obvious choice would be for Morticia Addams, Wednesday’s mother, to be offered the job. As a Nevermore alumnus and a member of the Nightshades, Morticia would be the most competent person to take over. However, Wednesday would do everything in her power to remove her mother as principal with hilarious and likely disastrous results.

If Morticia is given the Nevermore directorial job, this would require Catherine Zeta-Jones to be promoted to a series regular.

wednesday season 2 netflix wednesday gomez morticia addams

Wednesday would be less than thrilled to see her mother become the director of Nevermore – image. Netflix

What will happen to Laurel?

With his true identity revealed, Laurel was able to resurrect Jeremiah Crackstone, but thanks to Wednesday, he was defeated. It was also revealed that she was Tyler’s teacher, as she manipulated the teen into transforming into a hyde.

Laurel’s plans have been thwarted for now, but if Tyler comes to his master’s rescue, the duo could have more dire plans for Nevermore and the outcasts.

wednesday season 2 netflix wednesday laurel marilyn thornhill

Marilyn, aka Laurel, pretended to be Wednesday’s ally all along: image. Netflix

Will Pugsley join Nevermore?

It is unclear what the age difference between Pugsley and Wednesday is, however we do know that they both attended the same high school together prior to Wednesday’s transfer to Nevermore. If Morticia is offered the top job at Nevermore, her entire family could move in with her. Wednesday’s reaction would be priceless, since naturally he would do everything in her power to stop him from trying to date her.

wednesday season 2 netflix pugsley addams

The only one who can intimidate Pugsley is Wednesday. Photography. Netflix

Who are the cast members of Wednesday season 2?

We could expect the following cast members to reprise their roles in the second season of Wednesday:

  • Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams
  • Riki Lindhome as Dr. Valeria Kinbott
  • Jamie McShane as Sheriff Donovan Galpin
  • Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin
  • Percy Hynes White as Xavier Thorpe
  • Emma Myers as Enid Sinclair
  • Moosa Mostafa as Eugene Otinger
  • Joy Sunday as Bianca Barclay
  • Georgie Farmer as Ajax Petropolus
  • Naomi J. Ogawa as Yoko Tanaka
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams
  • Luis Guzman as Gomez Addams
  • Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester
  • Victor Dorobantu as Thing
  • George Burcea as Lurch
  • Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley Addams

While it appears that Gwendoline Christie’s character Larissa Weems died of Nightshade poisoning, there’s always the chance that the character could somehow return via flashbacks.

Marylin Thornhill’s Christina Ricci character, aka Laurel, was defeated, but we don’t know for sure what her ultimate fate was. Which means that the actress could repeat her role again.

Will Tim Burton direct again?

Much of the publicity for the first season has emphasized that some of the episodes were directed by Tim Burton.

The only upcoming project Burton is scheduled to work on is the announced Beetlejuice sequel. But, taking into account that he did not participate in the drafting of any Wednesday episodes, and he only directed half of the first season, there’s no reason he can’t return to direct more episodes.

It would be a shame if Burton doesn’t direct again, however, it’s not imperative and the show would still go on.

Are you excited for the second season of Wednesday on netflix? Let us know in the comments below!