An important feature in the development and success of an institution is the design of its educational facilities, as this plays a fundamental role in the positive development of its students.

The Metropolitan School of Panama (MET) has an innovative approach to campus design, which fosters a stimulating and creative learning environment for its students. For the Metropolitan School of Panama (MET) as an institution, it is appropriate to highlight its student-centered educational approach, sustainability, and technology integration in its teaching method.

Student-centered education

The Metropolitan School of Panama took the students as the main actors in the design of its facilities. Each space was carefully designed to foster collaboration, creativity and interactive learning for children. Classrooms are flexible and adaptable to different teaching styles, allowing teachers to create personalized student environments.

Metropolitan School of Panama

In addition to having traditional classrooms, the campus features learning spaces such as: 

  • Extensive outdoor sports fields.
  • Indoor athletics facilities.
  • Playgrounds.
  • Eight labs for design and STEAM activities, robotics, biology, chemistry and physics. 

Another interesting point in the design is reflected in the campus architecture. Open spaces and common areas encourage social interaction and the exchange of ideas. Students have access to well-equipped libraries, study rooms and recreational spaces that contribute to their well-being and integral development. There is also a dance studio, three fine arts studios, a black box theater, and individual music rehearsal rooms.

At the MET they understand that the physical environment can influence the academic and emotional performance of our students, so we have strived to create a campus that fosters academic excellence and personal growth.

The Metropolitan School of Panama’s student-centered approach, combined with innovative architectural design, creates an environment conducive to learning and the integral development of students. The MET is an inspiring example of how the intelligent and functional design of its architecture can make a difference in the stimulating and educational experience of students.