Some people are not able to create images in their head, they cannot even visualize their partner

Do you remember in your mind your favorite beach, a photograph from your childhood or your favorite restaurant from the last vacation? Can you imagine the landscape to describe in your favorite book? This allusion so simple for the vast majority, impossible result for some people.

Although it may be hard to believe, there are many people who they cannot create mental images in their head, something that scientists have defined as fantasy. Visually they cannot remember a person or an object, even though they know its physical characteristics.

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Psychologists from the University of Exeter They have devised a test to detect this problem. although it is impossible to know if that person can view images or not, to patients who suffer from it.

This ‘test’ is based on a questionnaire to be able to estimate how extensive, or not, is the ability to create photographs minds of their patients. A tool that not only serves to detect fantasy but also its opposite, supervisualizers.