AHIBA and its Member Banks

Tegucigalpa, July 31, 2023 -. We regret and reject the reckless and unfounded statements, constitutive of defamation and slander, made by Mr. Marlon Ochoa, Director of the Revenue Administration Service (SAR), expressed this in the program «The Interview» of Channel 11, where he irresponsibly stated that banks send people to kill. We emphatically state that such statements are false. 

Mr. Marlon Ochoa’s statements being false and referring to institutions supervised by the National Banking and Insurance Commission, may derive in acts that attempt against the reputation of the institutions and their financial prestige, and cause economic damages whose responsibility is duly established in Articles 230 and 231 of the Honduran Penal Code, Decree 130-2017. 

Honduran Private Banking has been, is and will continue to be an essential factor of development in the Nation, subject to strict and permanent banking supervision, which has been fully complied with, extending to compliance with the rules emanating from the Regulatory entity, National Banking and Insurance Commission. 

Despite these irresponsible statements, AHIBA and its Associated Banks ratify their commitment to continue being the Bridge and Engine of Progress in Honduras.